5 Habits That Make People Stay In Poverty For Life

Often time I ask myself” why do very few people rich and majority stay poor?”

In my quest to find answers to this question,I realized that the rich and the poor differ in what they think about and what they do

In this video I’m going to tell you 5 habits that make people stay in poverty for life.

1. They live below their means!. The habit of live below your means is doing more harms than good. With a view to living below their means, they cut down important cost on things that can make them go forward in life. Instead of living below your means why not focus on increasing your means. If you will be realistic cutting down cost is like cutting down things that can make you happy. Psychologically most things we buy increase our happiness and self esteem.

In this short video I gave out suitable illustrations and reasons why people stay in poverty for life.

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