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8 Million Dead Of COVID-19 In China!

The Mods are desperately censoring the truth.

They work for APC directly under Lai.

They don’t want you to know how serious this virus is.

If the US can go on lockdown and have the National Guard mobolised complete with Tanks in places like NEW YORK, do you think they are playing!

Buhari and the APC govt do not want you to know the severity of this pandemic.

They will not be able to manage the fallout as all hell will be let loose and funniest thing is that they HAVE NO WHERE TO RUN TO!


Records from active subscriber base of all combined Chinese Telecos shows a massive 8 million dip in subscriber base in the period December 2019 to February 2020.

Why is this of any significance you may ask because in China, your mobile account is vital there as it’s tied to your Alipay, social media, etc. Between December and February almost 8 million accounts have been closed. China’s authoritarian communist dictatorship runs a tight Owerllian society and monitors every single move their citizens make. Their financial transactions from anything as paying for a haircut or ordering for noodles is done via their mobile phone. The Communist social credit score system is also linked to ones use of their mobile phones. China is one of the country’s leading in cashless society and alternative means other than use of mobile phones to pay for services and goods is almost impossible to avoid as most vendors only accept payments through phones. To foreigners visiting China this can be a real hassle as they are restricted from having phones.
The same Chinese govt also used the COVID-19 contagion to effectively discourage and ban use of cash.

It is important I bring this up because having an active phone in China is tied up to your very existence.

So what happened to the 8 million subscribers that disappeared

Your guess is as good as mine. THEY ARE DEAD!

Check out the links below and scrutinize the data and see for yourself that this has never happened before in a country where mobile smart phone use has been climbing steadily.

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