First Phone With An Angle Notch Screen

Allview is a Romanian smartphone manufacturer found in the year 2002 and it is owned by a company called Visual Fan, and they have released some couple of smartphones, tablets over the years and also mobile phones that are not android oriented, though it phones are produced/made in china. Allview just added to their catalog a new device called the Allview Viper 4 pro which looks kind of weird at first sight because of its display design.

This is a whole new kind of notch display and it is a notch on the right side of Allview Viper 4 pro which has the front camera above it as well. To be honest it looks kind of cool looking at it but it just doesn’t feel so right with me.


Allview Viper 4 pro is made of plastic body and the surface of glass with 2.5D curved screen, it weighs just 191g with battery, and it only comes in just a color; Dark Grey. Allview Viper 4 pro has a big chin and a not so big bezel to the top, the bezels to the sides are ok and the general design is quite alright as a budget device, the back has a round fingerprint panel and a dual-camera design that looks like that of iPhone X.

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