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See how many bags of Nigeria rice Buhari took to London on his two weeks vacation

We have received exclusive reports on how Nigeria’s pro-Nigerian rice president and Chief of Staff carried 2 bags of Nigerian rice with them on their vacation to London to eat while there.

President Muhammadu Buhari in keeping with his promotion of Nigerian rice only for Nigerians, was said to have ensured that two bags of the rice were transported along in the jet on the London trip.

Buhari and Kyari, Nigeria’s defacto second in command insisted on the rice because they said that if Nigerians are forced to eat only Nigerian rice and were not allowed to consume Basmati rice or other foreign delicacies, they too as the leaders must restrict themselves to same whether at home or abroad.

When asked why he was spending his vacation in London, Buhari said, “those who can afford it can afford it.” However he said that while in London he will only be eating rice grown in Nigeria, so Nigerians who cannot seek healthcare abroad and who cannot afford to send their children to schools abroad should feel comforted that at least he was eating Nigerian rice abroad.

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