Stop Using 4G Network, You Are Killing Yourself

4G network the rapid killer has spread all over the world. Nevertheless, Smartphone users are not aware of the hazards the radiation from their 4G devices is causing to their body.

4G network rays has proven to kill the body cell gradually with time over long term usage.

4G radiations damages the brain and affects its activity and might damage the lower brain region and the hemisphere of the brain. In this case can cause BRAIN CANCER

Meanwhile, many smartphone users play around with devices emitting this destructive agents.

Here are some SAFETY TIPS to help prevent the damage done by this rays.

1. Avoid the long term use of 4G networks as much as possible.

2. Never play around Routers or Mifi devices around you. In fact, keep them up above the ground and above your head (if possible).

3. Switch your phone to 3G (preferably 2G) when you don’t need internet connection.

4. Do not use 4G devices near gas cookers. The rays are extravagant and can cause fire.

5. Your phone is not your teddy. Never keep it near you while asleep.

6. Never stay near 4G towers. They use ionizing radiation to transmit signals and too much exposure to this rays is harmful to those living in the vicinity.

7. Avoid redundant use of smartphone for better life.

4G is deadly! Avoid its usage.

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