Valentine Turned Gory As 22 Years Old Lady Stabbed Her Boyfriend To Death In Ado

On or abourt 7:42am this morning in Ado-Ekiti a 22years old lady kill her boyfriend because her boyfriend failed to meet the demand of what she wanted as a gift for Valentine. Her boyfriend came with a Jersey as a gift for her while she was expecting an expensive bag from him, the poor boy was reported to have decleared he could only afford a jersey and wished his girlfriend would understand but she refused to listen to him.

However, she left her boyfriend in the livingroom to get a knife in the kitchen to stab him, the poor boy started bleeding while she was telling him “next time you come to earth you will know how it hurt to fail your girlfriend”

The poor boy was in pain could not get help till gave up the ghost around 8am this morning. The murderer girlfriend thereafter called her criminal friend to help her in disposing the lifeless body of the poor boy in a bush.

They were eventually apprehended and are now in the police custody at Ado Ekiti State, Nigeria.

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